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About Stallex

Stall, as a symbol of exhibition industry, is in charge of visual and semantic events. The manifestation of  the  exhibition  industry  is  a  combination  of various specialized groups, each of which has an important role in this field. Everyone from hall owners, organizers, stall makers, equipment providers, news media and websites, tourism activists, security and safety authorities, authorities, medical urgency and etc. all ad all help in organizing an exhibition event in order to represent their latest methods and technologies.
It   has   been   years   that   the   relationship   between   exhibition  industry custodians has become more due to technology, which is a great way to grow the management of the events of the exhibition. The specialized groups  of  virtual  networks,  though  imperfectly,  fostered  the  culture  of special discourse and dialogue and provide an opportunity for inter-organizational dialogue in this industry.
Stallex is an event that, for the first time, brings  Iranian  industry  exhibitors together, with the approach of the B to B exhibition method, in order to create the groundwork for the industry to become more familiar with the latest achievements in management and engineering area.